Sue Halloran: I Can Cook Too
"It sounds like the best musicians in N.Y. together with the best arrangers in N.Y. getting together to make a great musical statement. My wife told me that it was Ken playing all the reed parts and Sue singing all the different parts. I was stunned and still am!" 
 Jerry Bergonzi 

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Sue Halloran and Ken Hitchcock make beautiful music together.Working with two superb musicians was a very rewarding experience. The outcome is richly satisfying to us all, as I hope it will be for the listeners.        
 Carlos Franzetti
Yay ! My Funny Valentine is absolutely amazing . Aside from your wonderful pitch. lovely vibrato control, and beautiful sounds. You’ve combined Imogen Heap and the Hi Los and came up with a VERY unique “Objet d’art” I love it. You have developed into a serious artist, Sue.I’m so proud of you.    
 David Lucas

Like two master chefs, Ken Hitchcock and Sue Halloran have prepared a musical menu filled with great standards and unique forgotten gems for us to savor. Over a year’s worth of preparation and care went into this project and it shows on every track. Sue’s voice is pure, always in tune and her sensitivity and understanding of the lyric is felt throughout. Ken is a master of all woodwinds. Not only is he a great soloist, but his use of multitracking the flutes, saxes and clarinet’s make this an outstanding CD. Along with excellent arrangements and supporting musicians, this is one that you will play over and over again.     
    Pat LaBarbera

“What a joy to be a part of this great musical project. Sue brings all the lyricism, the cool romance and the hot swing of all the great ones; Ken is one of our strongest and most creative practitioners of the reeds; and they’ve surrounded themselves with many of the greatest musicians and arrangers around. Look out! This is the real thing.”          Rob Mounsey